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Storytime with my phone

I was never really a reader growing up. It was just not my cup of tea to sit around with a book. I enjoyed stories and did my homework, but you definitely wouldn’t or won’t even today, find me with a book in my hand. However, about 5 years ago I started listening to books on CD from the local library in my car to/from work. I REALLY got hooked on it. I LOVED stories being read to me and it gave me a way to relate with all those other moms that are in book clubs. I was now listening to all the latest books. And NOW for the last year I’ve been listening to them via my OVERDRIVE app that is linked with my library cards. It’s FREE.  So it’s just like checking out books for 3 weeks but on my phone. My husband uses his Amazon Prime account to do so and doesn’t have to wait for the book to become available, but either way… I love it.  I listen to stories while I walk while I travel in the car all the time. Even if the kids are with me I’ll put an earbud in so they can listen to music or their movie while I continue my story on longer road trips. And also the GoodReads app (or www.goodreads.com) that I get book ideas from that is also linked to Facebook. Happy Reading. Suggestions always welcome. #overdrive #goodreads

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