Hawk Eye Video Pole, Sports and Kids

The Hawk Eye Video Pole helps players improve their performance

Competitive nature runs high in our family and both my sons play competitive sports and are very hard on themselves about how they performed during a game…but it’s hard to improve without seeing the footage to review. Videoing from the sidelines can be a hard angle sometimes, but with the Hawk Eye Video Pole,  it can easily extend up to 15′ up over the game and rotated to follow the action on the field.  The best part is the claw that is positioned at eye level  to hold your smartphone to allow the ability to view what you are videoing with the use of a WiFi video camera.  No need to be a videographer or have a $4K tripod… just video from the sidelines or in the audience during a performance and watch it later or share via YouTube with our friends, family, and coaches who wanted to see the event or game.

Both players and coaches are finding a lot of benefit in reviewing the footage of the video after a game.  Players are watching how they did and figuring out how to improve their performance.  My son watches his pitching and batting performance as well as his movements on the soccer field. He likes to watch other players to see what they are doing differently that may help him and has learned a lot by watching what else happened during the game that he couldn’t see.  Coaches are analyzing plays of not only their team but learning from the opposing team.  Many times a coach will call a team meeting and review a previous game, maybe against the same team, right before an upcoming tournament to help prepare.  The Hawk Eye Video Pole is so useful since most sporting events do not have a stadium that allows a higher view point to film from.  It captures the whole field by the person videoing just by following the action.

The features of this poll include the capability of telescoping up to 15 feet and collapsing down to 57 inches to conveniently fit in your car.  It has a universal mount that can attach to your choice of video camera and an adjustable “claw” that can hold up to a large phone.  (The claw to hold a tablet is in production).  It very lightweight and has a custom foot that allows the pole to swivel easily on grass or solid ground so you can rotate easily to keep up with the action.

This is such a great investment for a team, since anyone can film and download to YouTube.  It’s a great way to participate in you’re kids activities and you’ll be the hero for any parent who couldn’t attend. Anyone can replay the event and rewatch the exciting moments over and over.  My sons love showing family their great shot or play!

And the uses for this video pole are endless. We have mostly used it for filming sports but I’ve also used it to film a formal event and stage production. It’s also great for group shots.  We know how much parents like to capture their kids activities on film, and now the perspective is that much greater.  It’s such a good learning tool and great for coaches of all sorts to be able to review and improve their sport or production.

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