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Holster Brands – Great Product, Great People…what an inspiration

I once had a neighbor, Erin Balogh, that was quiet and to herself… she had a growing family and was an ER Nurse and her husband was an engineer for a big government contractor. We would see them in the hood and say hi but since they had daughters and we had sons… well we didn’t cross paths very often.  However, her husband was quite the character and could be very chatty and so we would get into conversations every now and then at the mailbox and one day he said that he was quitting his big company job to jump on his wives coattails and help with her company …she had become an inventor and the product was taking off. Really?!  What product?… Tell me more. She too was quitting her job as an ER nurse to pursue this product launch.  Wow!   How? What? Are you sure?  I would be.


I was so inspired by their motivation and was drawn to get to know her better and was blown away that she had taken such a basic idea and actually did it…she invented a product that has been picked up by the big boys of retail… WalMart, Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, Container Store, and so SO many more… and because she’s a woman inventor, she’s been on the Today Show and several other TV appearances.  This silicone holster was designed out of the need of a busy mom who wanted to flat iron her hair while getting kids ready for school and didn’t have a safe place to put it around a pedestal sink… so she created a solution.  The products are really great and I use them in several places in my home, but it’s one of those things that I can say “I knew you when…”.  The process of launching a product is mind boggling to say the least.  She did a couple years of research before she jumped in with both feet… but it was worth it.   It took determination, insight, family support, and lots and lots of motivation.  And to top it off… in the midst of this business launch… she had a heart attack at the age of 33!!!  Wow!  She tells her story on her website, but talk about getting thru diversity.

Holster Brands started as a simple idea and now it’s everywhere being used for all kinds of things.  Holsters are silicone holders that attaches to any smooth, non-porous surface. Their Hot Iron Holster is heat resistant up to 500 degrees and is perfect for holding your flat iron or curling iron. You can even pack it up while it’s still hot so it’s great for the traveling girl on the go.  They come in various sizes to accommodate your product(s).  We use them for larger tv remotes/coaster on our side tables and my husband uses the black one in his garage for tools.  The Hobby Holster is heat resistant up to 400 degrees which is perfect for hot glue guns and craft supplies. The Hobby Holster has two pockets as well as a built in ruler. I use it on my night stand for my cell phone/chapstick and top as coaster.  The Lil Holsters come in three sizes and the uses of these are unlimited; they are heat resistant up to 250 degrees and hey have small holes in the bottom to allow wet objects, such as sponges/sink tools, to dry and the Lil Holsters are dishwasher safe. Also a great holder for brushes, toothbrushes, crayons, pens, etc. Endless ideas. They also come in a wide variety of colors to make it easy to match your room/decor.

She’s such an amazing person and her family and ours have kept in touch, although they moved away to  a great story to be closer to their warehouse that is overflowing with product coming and going.  I love hearing how they are getting bigger and bigger.  What an inspiration her kids that they can do anything and take that idea and run with it… it’s inspired me and I look forward to being brave to help my husband launch his product soon (the Hawk Eye Video Pole).  Thanks Erin and Holster Brands!!!   Here’s to much success!!!!




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