My Audio Book List of 2018

I love Audio books… it’s so much better than the radio during the commute to work, keeps my mind busy on a walk or hike, and great for those long flights when you’re trying to block out the snore or the person next to you.

I keep up with friends reading picks via the GoodReads app (connect to Facebook) and I use the Libby App that is connected with my Library card accounts to listen to free audio books all year long. (Works the same as a library book… 3 weeks use and you can renew or get on a wait list for availability).¬† My husband listens too with is Audible Prime account. The images are linked to Amazon¬†for more info (and are affliate links that doesn’t affect you…but helps me).

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So here it goes…I’m all over the place with my selections…usually referrals from friends or the Apps themselves…or just what’s available to listen to at the time… these are in no particular order and I’m not going to give a review, maybe a comment on a few. To each their own…but I liked these.

My Reads (listens) of 2018:

The Book of Joy: Lasting Happiness in a changing world… by the Dalai Lama
A good book of truths and humor… if you listen to the audiobook…it’s read a Jewish narrator and by the Dalai Lama himself along with Desmond TuTu who is an African Catholic Priests (covering all beliefs…).

The Glass Castle – Jennette Walls
– Movie by the same name was good as well. Heartbreaking reality narrated by the author herself. But great book.

The High Tide Club – Mary Kay Andrews
Love this author and all her books. This was different than most of hers, but a great story of friendship.

Sometimes I Lie – Alice Feeney
OMG…kinda like a Gone Girl book… starts off a little slow but holy cow…crazy story.


The President is Missing – Bill Clinton and James Patterson
A great audiobook narrated by Dennis Quaid. Lots of action. I don’t think I would’ve enjoyed reading it as much…but it was a great listen.

After Anna – Lisa Scottoline
Random pick this was, but it sucked me in…. drove me nuts… and spun out of control at the end.

This isn’t all of them, but the majority. Just some ideas. Audiobooks are a great way to make the day go by if you’re commuting and for me, who hated reading growing up… this has been a great way for me to connect with people who read a lot. Even when I go into a store with books, I feel proud of myself that I recognize books on the shelf that I’ve read or is on my reading list…or recognizing authors. Seems silly but I feel it’s a useful way to use my time in the car and connects with people everywhere who happened to pick up the same book or listen. Here’s to AudioBooks!

Please share your favorites and give me some new ideas for this year.

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