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Float away your cares – Floatation Spa Experience

I was given the gift of relaxation by my family with a floatation spa experience to The Quiet Place Floatation Spa in San Marcos.  I really wasn’t sure what to expect but a little peace and quiet and forced relaxation couldn’t be that bad. 

The experience was unique to say the least.  It’s sensory deprivation and a state of bliss that is hard to describe.  Upon arriving and stripping down to my bathing suit, I showered off and stepped into a pod straight out of an episode of Star-trek.  It was filled with 10″ of water infused with a 1000 lbs of epsom salt!  It was so dense, as soon as I laid down I was buoyant… completely floating, no effort, no choice…just floating…like defying gravity.  It was bathwater “skin” warm and the lights went out and the very low meditative music started playing from the little speakers in the pod. The pod closes completely, but if you’re claustrophobic, you can leave it open a little.  

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They instruct you to close your eyes and not touch your face beach the salt is so strong that you wouldn’t want it in your eyes.  You’re also forwarned that if you’ve shaved or have any cuts or scraps, that you shouldn’t come in because the salt will hurt. With all that said, I laid there and floated.  No effort, no muscle movement, no nothing except my thoughts that wouldn’t stop going in circles about how I have things to do. They suggest to you to do self-affirmations such as “I” on the in breath and “am” on the out breath.  Ha!  That lastest about 3 rounds.  Then I was just thinking about how to stop thinking about things.  Geez!

There are really many benefits of floating.  It relieves stress, fatigue and anxiety and helps to have a more sound sleep which personally I need. Since you’re forced into a tranquil state, it helps with visualization and focus.  It’s also supposed to help with fibromyalgia, PTSD, migraines and arthritis (and I spoke with an older woman that was just finishing up when I arrived and that was why she was there.  She comes every two weeks, along with her husband, and their arthritis is so much more manageable since they started floating). 

I have to say though, the experience was really an interesting experience, to float and de-stress a bit.  I was so relaxed that I ended up falling asleep which is fine since you can’t sink or rotate.  My body was less tense, my headache had gone away and I was more impressed that I took some time for just myself.  Something that all moms need to do once in a while.  

So, if you live nearby and want to have a “Floatation Spa” experience, please leave a comment with why this is something that you would like to try it and I have 3 gift cards from the owner for a $75 experience for $49.   It’s worth a try.  

BTW:  The staff at the Quiet Place Floatation Spa was very informative and even give you an iPad to watch a short video before your first experience so you know what to expect and the benefits. Great experience and worth trying.  

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