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Sirloin Steak with Garlic Mushrooms

This is a favorite for my husband.  You would think he would learn to take me out to nice restaurants more often as it usually inspires me to create new recipes at home like this one. I’m a gourmet chef in the making ha ha.

Sirloin Steak with Garlic Mushrooms

4 – Grilled 6oz top sirloin steaks ( I marinate with Worcester sauce and Morton’s steak seasoning  for 15 to 30 minutes )


8 – small mushrooms of your choice sliced thinly

2-3 cloves of garlic sliced thinly

1 cup boiling hot water

1 beef bouillon cube

Slice up garlic and mushrooms.

Dissolve beef bouillon cube in cup of hot water.

Sauté garlic for a few minutes and then pour beef bouillon into pan with mushrooms.

This is half the recipe.

Pour over steaks and voilà… Yum Yum dinner is served.  I usually serve with potatoes and broccoli. I usually boil my potatoes in water with a little garlic salt, basil, and oregano and add the broccoli and for the last five minutes. ENJOY!

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