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Chick Flick Dinner Party Ideas

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Here are a few fun entertaining ideas for theme parties throughout the year that influence the party attire, decor, entertainment and of course…the food. I like to host them as a potluck since it’s fun to see what people bring with giving them a theme and some suggestions.  Playing the soundtrack during dinner and the movie after makes for a fun evening.  Dates can join…but some movies are just more enjoyed by the girls.  Evite is always a good way to send your invitations but if you want to get creative and make/buy some to send out… it’s so nice to get something fun in the mail.

Movie themes:

Breakfast at Tiffany’s either for Breakfast, Brunch or even Dinner

  • The soundtrack and the Movie: 
  • Attire: Black Dresses and pearls…maybe long black gloves and even a tiara. Guys, if they dare, are required to required a tie (wink).
    Decor: Of course tiffany colored napkins/plates …maybe pearls loose on the table.
  • Food:  Breakfast of course…
    • French toast cut into strips displayed on a plate sprinkled with powdered sugar (hot syrup on the side)
    • Strawberries/Fruit served with a side dip of strawberry yogurt mixed with CoolWhip
    • Mini quiches
    • Ham steak cooked up and cut into strips
    • Bowl yogurt with serve-yourself toppings… berries, honey, granola
    • Scones
    • Mimosas
    • Smoothies  (Frozen strawberries, bananas, orange juice, honey, yogurt)
    • Orange Juice mixed with ginger ale and a touch of grenadine…and alcohol if you wish (vodka or rum work)
  • Entertainment:  If done for dinner… maybe a wine tasting class since everyone’s dressed up… if enough people are there that are wine drinkers, there are companies (like Wine Shop at Home) that will come out and do classes and tastings.  Or maybe have everyone bring a unique set wine glasses and have a wine glass exchange.
  • If for breakfast or brunch… then have a tea party set up and have everyone one bring a random teacup /saucer to exchange (can always find singles at a thrift store) to use at the party.  Then after the meal…have colored sand and candles (various sizes will work) to put in the teacup and make a candle holder… if you want to decorate the candle…have glue that guests can drizzle on the candles and then pour glitter over then they set the candle in the sand that’s in the teacup and… voila…from teacup to candle holder.
    • Beauty…have a manicurist and/or makeup artist come to offer services at the party for fun.

Mary Poppins can be a fun British based theme…

  • Attire:  In the era of Mary Poppins, or at least fun hats
  • Decor: Colorful umbrellas hanging from the ceiling,  pennant banner that has umbrellas, carpet bags, flowers, etc to decorate each one…can be easily printed out and glued on.  (check out google images and etsy for ideas)
  • Food:  You can do English cuisine, but we like to do any recipe with the word “Pop” in it…
    • Image result“Pop”corn Chicken
    • “Pop”overs
    • “Pop”tart recipes
    • “Pop”corn recipes
    • “Pop”eyes Chicken
    • Cake “Pop”s
    • Jalapeno “Pop”pers
  • Entertainment:  Have a “Pop”art class… Get a bunch of canvases (you can get different sizes pretty inexpensively at Michaels and Aaron Brothers when they are on sale and/or have a coupon (or tell your guests to bring one) and then you can either set up your backyard or house for an art class with one of those “paint nite” artists or go to the library and pick up a bunch of Pop art books for inspiration and have your guests go at it.  Have a prize for the one voted the best.

The movie Julie and Julia movie theme takes some planning but is really fun…

  • Attire:  Everyone must wear an Apron… if one isn’t worn, one will be provided…and it may be handmade with whatever host decides.
  • The theme is based on recipes and cooking new things… so the idea is that your invitation to your guests will include a recipe for them to make OR they can make one that is new to them. But no one can try their recipe till at the party.  Copies of all the recipes must be brought to the party and their party favor will be a folder (of some sort) for them to bring all their recipes home in.
  • Entertainment: If you want to add a cooking class to the evening…there are always chef’s that will do in-home classes or you could have a Pampered Chef party since the person that usually comes out makes food as they showcase their products.  It’s really fun.  We did this as a bridal party once and it was great. The bride picked out what she wanted and then we could buy our gift for her at the party.

Bridesmaids can be a funny evening…

  • Attire:  The hostess wears a white dress OR if it’s a special occasion (ie a birthday) then that person wears the white dress and a color is designated for everyone else (ie..the bridesmaids)
  • Food:  think wedding… so if you do potluck…you have a buffet. Hostess usually does the main entree and everyone else brings the assigned sides. And there has to be a layered wedding cake and you can get creative with this.  Instead of doing a “cake” you can use a tiered display and put different desserts on each layer… like mini cupcakes, cream puffs, flowers to accent…etc. 
  • Entertainment:  You could have a mini cake decorating class or floral arrangement class at…or buy a bunch of flowers at wholesale and have your guests make the arrangements with the provided vases and then have a vote on whose the best.  They can be centerpieces if done before or take home gifts.

Mama Mia is such a fun sing-along movie…
  Attire:  Casual…flowy dresses, greek themed dresses (white with gold), use your imagination

  • Food:  Greek of course.  Pita chips/pita bread and Tzatziki dip,  Gyro (My WinCo sells the strips of gyro and the tzatziki sauce and the meat market), greek salad, greek yogurt with blueberries, lemon/chicken/rice soup, etc..  Check out Greek food on AllRecipes for ideas for potluck.
  • Entertainment…the movie is probably enough… or a jewelry making class…or provide your own supplies and see how creative your guests can be.

These are just a few.  Maybe it’s a motivation to get the girls together or start a monthly dinner club.  Always wanted to do that.  If you do have a dinner club, let me know how it works.  Otherwise, enjoy your meal, enjoy your company and make your time together entertaining.

23 thoughts on “Chick Flick Dinner Party Ideas

  1. Great ideas! I love all the plays on “pop” with the Mary Poppins idea. I have a girl’s slumber party coming up soon, will have to use some of these 🙂

  2. I want to invite everyone over with their favourite apron. And it they don’t have one, I have an apron cupboard full of them lol. The blog post sings with fun!

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