Top 10 Recommended gifts from a Tween

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So as Black Friday approaches…shopping is on everyone’s mind.  Although we will be out of town this weekend, I’ll hopefully have a moment to hit up the local outlet mall, I prefer my crowd less internet shopping.  My boys gave me a list of suggestions for kids their age (10-13).  Maybe this will help with some ideas.  All the pictures are linked to Amazon.  The best place to shop for the holidays.  Love Amazon Prime!!

10-top list of recommended gifts…:

  1. Xbox One Bundle…video games will never die… as long as they stay in sports a little mindless downtime is okay.
  2. USB Charging Backpack …with phones and Chromebooks being used at school…this is actually a very useful gift.
     and the battery power packs for all the electronics
  3. Chromebook… if they don’t already have one…both my sons use this for school.  They are nice and lightweight.
    and a case is totally necessary.
  4. For the younger tween…both my boys loved the Percy Jackson and the Olympians 5 book set.  4/5 grade.
    and the new set of interest is Wings of Fire set.
  5. Vans shoes are back with a rage…especially for the middle schoolers… Just like when we were kids.
    and fun laces…
  6. Drones have become popular to video sporting events and just on outings to the beach and scenic places.  This is a midrange one from a good company.
    but if daddy wants one… this is the best according to our neighbor….
  7. GoPro cameras are popular with the kids that like to capture the action as they are in motion.
     Mine uses his with the chesty or head mount.
  8. Bean Bag Gamer Chair with Speakers… comfy and cool
  9. A good sturdy Bike for road and off-road.  Since they aren’t old enough to drive…they need wheels to get around…this is a recommended brand, but Trek is also another brand we have.
  10. For Mom…The Apple Watch for those mom’s that have an iPhone this is what they say I need.  I’m okay with this.


So this was their top 10 recommendations… for mostly their age group and one for dad and one for mom.  Guess I’ll try to get more ideas out of them.  They’re good at this… but boy you need deep pockets to support the likes of today’s tweens.  Geez.  Happy Shopping…good luck on the savings this weekend thru Cyber Monday.

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