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Hurts so good… Best Massage ever!

More than a massage…

I woke up the other morning determined to book a massage after work because I was achy and needed to prep from my long weekend.  I love trying new places so I went to my go-to referral source (Groupon) and randomly picked somewhere on my way home and I hit the Jackpot.  I’m pretty critical over massages. I used to actually be a masseuse back in my 20s and I have high expectations. Most of the time the ones that I have gotten are good massages but not great. There has only been a couple of  massage therapists I have found that I would rank up with being a quality therapeutic massage and this was one of the best!

This type of massage was new to me.  It was a Chinese Pressure Point Massage at the Moon Light Spa in Encinitas, CA.  (There is a Groupon right now for a discount).  She did not do the normal Swedish strokes or the stretches of a Thai massage.. but she worked my whole body with pressure points.  She worked the knots in a variety of ways (slow strokes, deep tissue, but the acupressure style was intense. She did ask what pressure I wanted and I told her to go deep unless I couldn’t take it.  I truly had to do Lamaze breathing to get thru some of my knots and I was sore the next day, but I really feel better.  Michelle was the girl who tortured…I mean massaged me for the hour.  We were laughing because I told her it Hurt So Good.

Upon arriving it’s a bit hard to find… there isn’t a sign on the building and just in the window (It’s in front of BevMo, next to Studio Barre).  When walking in, it doesn’t have that resort ahh spa feel like, but it’s clean and simply decorated.  They are limited on English but understand fine. They keep it simple.  Michelle actually learned English from your classes in the US after moving here 6 years ago. Very professional and caring staff.

I highly recommend this place and this type of massage “if you can take it”…I’m sure they do a lighter touch too.  The reflexology foot massages are supposed to be amazing as well.

Enjoy (or enjoy recovering!)

Moon Light Spa – click on the Groupon link on the right to catch their $35/1 hour special.


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