Zihua what?

Remember the movie Shawshank Redemption? Remember at the end when he told him to meet him in Mexico at Zihuatanejo?  Yep,  it’s a real place and it was amazing.  Our timeshare, Wyndam by Worldmark, purchased a hotel out there and renovated it. They are not necessarily condos yet but the hotel is amazing and overlooks the bay. The flight down there from San Diego isn’t too bad. We flew into Ixtapa airport and then took a taxi to the hotel. Got a little turned around since the name of the resort had changed  with the new ownership and the locals were not yet familiar with it. But once we got there it was all worth it. The view is amazing.  All the rooms are very white and clean and happy hour is always good. We walked down the 130 step path straight down to the short road to get to the little town to walk around the shops  and restaurants.   There is also ferry boats that take you to the other side of the bay  lots of fishing boat opportunities.  Taking the ferry to the other side for the day is fun. Each section of the beach is part of a local restaurant that will serve you while you are there. We also took a day trip to Ixtapa island where we snorkeled and I had an amazing massage under a Palapa.    But the best memory for our entire family was the food- yes the food.  It is really a fishing village and so there is a daily catch that goes immediately to the restaurants and is absolutely the best fish ever. The seasonings and flavor they use down there on the food is something we could not get enough of. Even  my picky kids enjoyed it.  There are actually several cooking classes that you can take from locals down there in the village but unfortunately we did not have enough time to do it  on that trip. I will definitely make that an absolute on my next trip.  But this trip was  at the top for relaxing vacations. It was not a place that had a large list of tourist attractions. It was just relaxing at the resort, swimming in the pool, eating, nappI got, eating some more, happy hour and walks through town. Definitely a place that we will return too.

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