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Are you sure it’s safe?

Potato chip rock is a very popular hike in San Diego County, starting at Lake Poway.  It’s not an easy trail, but totally doable and we had an amazing time.  Remember to start early and get off the trail by sunset.  If you are going on the weekend or a holiday, so is everyone else and you will need be prepared for a crowd as you get to the rock.  We ended up in a line for over 45 minutes to get our shot on the rock.  So bring a lunch, plenty to drink since it does get hot out there, and a big dose of patience.  However, it was a real sense of accomplishment and the boys loved it. Although my younger son got quite scared on the rock, it’s a funny sensation because although it’s not really as bad of a drop off as it appears, it’s a mental game.   A great day trip and well worth the pictures.

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