Memories of Travel

The idea of the travel that I once did really is one of the inspirations for this blog.  My life of travel started off pathetically when I went to Cancun for my Senior Trip from High School.  My family was not much into travel, other than camping and visiting family in the midwest, yippee,  so the idea of going to another country and experiencing the people, places, food and culture was just thrilling to me…even if it all started at the resorts in Cancun…it sparked something in me that went to an extreme.  This is just a start of a blog that will be continued with more detail as I find the pictures.

In college I studied and traveled to Australia (Semester), New Zealand, Puerto Escondido, Mexico (Missions Trip, twice) and Costa Rica (Summer language Program).  After graduating, a friend and I backpacked throughout Europe hitting 19 countries and 50 some cities.  After getting married, we did a road trip to some of the states, and then did the most amazing 6 month honeymoon thru the South Pacific and have taken cruises in the Caribbean and Alaska and after having kids…are now more condo travelers and back to my roots of camping…at least now in a pop-up trailer and not on the ground.  So now that the kids are getting older, the adventure traveler in me is coming back. The last vacation that our family took was back to Cancun, Riviera Maya, but we saw a lot and the kids are totally into it…are ready to go.  I want to show them the world.  Did I mention that after college and before marriage I worked for a hotel, became came a professional event manager, notary and travel agent?  It all kind of works together.  So how did I end up where I am now?  Making more sense as to my soul searching right?   Life, kids, mortgages, husband’s goals, etc…. it’s my turn.

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